By adding images to your content, visitors will have another reason to stay longer on your website’s pages. The good thing is that website owners can get high-quality, engaging images for free. If you are not very experienced in this field, then you are probably wondering how to get free images to use on websites. Well, the answer is quite simple – you have to use specialized websites where this kind of photos is shared. To save you energy and time, we have created a list of popular websites where you can find the best free images.

Free Images

Free Images is a really interesting platform where you can find almost half a million free images. They were created by more than 30,000 amateur and professional photographers and what they all have in common is their high quality. Even if you are running a commercial website, you can still use these photos. In case you have any questions you can use the help of their vibrant community.

Open Photo

Open Photo has been around for 20 years and ever since then, they have been growing their collection of free images. One of the best things about Open Photo is the level of user-friendliness that this website provides. It won’t take much time before you find not one, but a few suitable images for your website. Keep in mind that this platform is updated on a regular basis which means that you can find new photos.

Morgue File

This is an excellent archive site that has a smooth search tool that guarantees easy and efficient search for free images. What many people like about this website is that you don’t have to become a registered member to download photos. All the images are free and you can look for images based on size, keyword, color, and score.


Flickr is the world’s largest online platform for sharing images. Some of the top photographers are sharing their images on this website. Remember that not all of the images found on Flickr are free. But, you can adjust the search function and get results related only to free images.

500 PX

Finally, there’s 500 PX, a website where you can find high-quality images that are not used very frequently by other website owners. There are thousands of images on this website and they belong to many different categories.